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SAFE Banking and Cannabis


Read founder Dan Roda's article in Arkansas Business about SAFE Banking and it's impact on cannabis banking.

SAFE Banking and Cannabis2019-12-04T15:33:12+00:00

Encentus Backing out of Cannabis – Tulsa World


Read about Dan Roda commenting on Tulsa-based Encentus Federal Credit Union leaving the cannabis banking industry. Dan explains the ramifications of the SAFE Banking act. Read about it here.  

Encentus Backing out of Cannabis – Tulsa World2019-12-04T16:21:39+00:00



Watch THV11’s segment on abaca’s new banking options for the medical marijuana industry in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Banking, payment processing and lending is made easy and affordable for the cannabis industry because of abaca’s fintech solution and app.


Qualifying Conditions for Arkansas Medical Marijuana Patients


In order to qualify as a medical marijuana patient in the State of Arkansas - patients must be certified to suffer from one of the following conditions: Cancer Glaucoma Positive status for human immunodeficiency virus/ acquired immune deficiency syndrome Hepatitis C Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Tourette’s syndrome Crohn’s disease Ulcerative colitis Post-traumatic stress disorder [...]

Qualifying Conditions for Arkansas Medical Marijuana Patients2019-12-04T15:45:07+00:00

5 Tips on How to get a Cannabis Business Bank Account


Cannabis businesses can face steep challenges in order to land a marijuana friendly bank account. But there is good news….because there are some steps that businesses can take today that will make getting an account a little easier.First, understand that banks are under intense regulatory scrutiny when they take on marijuana accounts. For that [...]

5 Tips on How to get a Cannabis Business Bank Account2019-09-29T20:37:47+00:00

Senate Rejects Banking Amendment Just in Time For Another Dispensary Robbery NEWS


The U.S. Senate recently voted to block an amendment that would have eased access to banking services for the nation’s cannabis industry and, as if on cue, another dispensary was robbed at gunpoint. Silver Sage Wellness in Las Vegas was the victim of an armed robbery that netted $28,000 in cannabis products and $1,000 in cash [...]

Senate Rejects Banking Amendment Just in Time For Another Dispensary Robbery NEWS2019-09-29T20:37:51+00:00

The STATES Act a “FIX” to Cannabis Banking?


It seems every few months lately we hear about a new bill introduced to address the conflict between federal law and the laws of the now 29 states that have legalized marijuana. Nevertheless, these bills never seem to make it out of committee. Public sentiment, and even sentiment in the highest levels of government, [...]

The STATES Act a “FIX” to Cannabis Banking?2019-09-29T20:37:55+00:00

Five Factors Affecting Cannabis Banking


Arkansas voters passed the Medical Marijuana Amendment in November of 2016. Since then, entrepreneurs in the state’s newest industry have been working feverishly on business plans for cultivation facilities, dispensaries, testing facilities and other marijuana-related businesses (or “MRBs”).  The sale of marijuana – either medically, recreationally, or both – is currently legal according [...]

Five Factors Affecting Cannabis Banking2019-12-04T16:28:41+00:00

Republicans Block Marijuana Banking Measure


Original Article Posted on Marijuana MomentBy Tom Angell Republican congressional leadership is blocking consideration of a measure to allow marijuana businesses to deposit their profits in banks.Many financial institutions are currently afraid to serve cannabis businesses that are legal in a growing number of states because of ongoing federal prohibition and the associated risk of [...]

Republicans Block Marijuana Banking Measure2019-09-29T20:37:26+00:00

Banking in The Medical Marijuana Industry is a Quagmire of Opportunity


By: David S. Mitchell, Jr. & Michael K. Goswami Introduction Aside from a lack of supportive federal legislation to legalize medicinal or recreational marijuana sales, the appropriately-named “marijuana banking problem” is without a doubt the largest hindrance to the legal marijuana industry. The legal marijuana industry is projected to be a $50 billion industry [...]

Banking in The Medical Marijuana Industry is a Quagmire of Opportunity2019-09-29T20:37:41+00:00

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