Enterprise and Multi-State Operators

Integrated Enterprise Banking that Puts You in Control

In a rapidly changing and compliance-centric industry like cannabis, resource efficiency is a clear advantage. 

But managing fractured financial products and spread-out accounts increase operating expenses, interrupt business and, ultimately, complicate expansion.
Integrating cutting-edge technology and a deep regulatory expertise of cannabis, Abaca streamlines financial management of multi-state cannabis operations and complicated supply chains. 

Keep your business focused on the future with customized banking and payments solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing tools.


  • Secure, reliable and compliant banking, payment processing and lending
  • Purpose-built for cannabis by regulatory and compliance experts
  • Integrated solutions increase efficiency and automate compliance reporting
  • National presence for consolidated financial services
  • Streamlined onboarding reduces account opening friction

Compliant Banking

Complete visibility across your accounts – no matter how spread out your operations are.

Payment Exhange

Manage high-volume ACH transactions that integrate to your accounting allowing you to streamline AP, AR, and Reconciliation


Elevate customer experience and drive revenue by accepting debit cards.

Cash Management

Onsite handling and storage solutions and armored transportation and deposit securely manage cash receipts.


Access to capital shouldn’t limit growth. See if you qualify for real estate, equipment, inventory or other financing.


Simplify with One Platform for Everything

Whether the goal is increasing profitability or scaling to new markets, sophisticated businesses deserve access to sophisticated tools – regardless of the industry. 

Abaca’s cannabis-friendly banking brings modern financial technology to cannabis.

Access FDIC-insured bank accounts – including all the monitoring, payments and security you’re familiar with. Save time and money with technology-enabled automated compliance and treasury alerts.

  • Secure, FDIC-insured commercial bank accounts
  • Customized products and onboarding with dedicated representative
  • Automated compliance enabled by technology
  • Consolidated accounts eliminate redundant workflows 
  • Complete visibility on your cash assets across your accounts 
  • Multi-team, multi-person permissions for complete security and control 
  • Customized reporting and alerting system 
  • Integrated cash management and pickup 
  • Accept retail mobile payment apps

Integrates easily with accounting systems:

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How it Works – Abaca Banking

Get Started

Talk to an advisor about your unique business. We’ll send you a quote tailored to your business so you can decide if we’re right for you.

Due Dilligence

Work with a dedicated representative to collect and submit compliance paperwork.


We train and onboard your team while setting up integrations to ensure seamless transition without interruptions.

Hit Go

Make your first deposit to activate your account. Then enjoy secure, reliable banking of the 21st century.

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Pay Bills and Get Paid Electronically– Integrated to Your Accounting / ERP

In almost any other industry, getting paid and paying bills efficiently are a given. But cannabis is different. 

Manage less cash with Abaca’s Payment Exchange, which gives cannabis operators access to electronic ACH bill pay options. Because our systems are backed by modern technology, your business can recognize revenue faster with less room for mistakes.

  • Facilitate one-time, repeat, or recurring ACH transactions 
  • Streamline AR and settlement reconciliation 
  • Initiate AP in just a few clicks from your accounting system
  • Get paid and pay vendors or suppliers with electronic ACH

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Elevate your customers’ experiences and drive additional revenue

Increasingly, consumers are looking for a more sophisticated cannabis buying experience. Being forced to transact in cash means more inconvenience and less spending.

Give your customers more of what they want with card processing capabilities while reducing the need for cash.  

Add AbacaPay and get the same benefits as mainstream businesses without raising operating costs. Our debit terminals are a stable and cost-effective way for cannabis operators to boost profits and improve customer satisfaction. 

That’s a win, win.

  • Debit transactions in-store and on the road
  • Boost revenues by over 8% when customers use cards (why?)
  • Reduce cash handling by up to 40% for a safer and leaner operation
  • Get set up in one week with custom support from a dedicated representative 
  • No more guessing at numbers – predictably settle bank accounts
  • Only pay for the terminal – counter-top and mobile cellular options
  • Be ready for the future of credit card processing with Abaca Merchant Services

Terminal Options 

Flexible capabilities and prices for your cannabusiness

Countertop Terminal

Cellular/Mobile Terminal

How it works – AbacaPay

Get Started

Tell us a bit about your business to get a quote tailored to your business.

Set it Up

Work with a dedicated rep to choose a terminal that works best for your company, set up an account and get connected.

Hit Go

Start accepting customers’ cards and boost profits.

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Cash Management

Onsite Handling and Storage Options


  • Integrated with industry leading cash vaults and recyclers
  • Track cash across the entire enterprise 
  • Show real-time capital position 
  • Reduce cash management time by 80% 

Armored Transportation & Deposit


  • Door-to-door cash logistics service 
  • Vetted, insured and bonded providers 
  • Reliable and predictable cash settlements to your account

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Jumpstart Your Growth

Bottlenecks to growth have real consequences in an increasingly competitive industry like cannabis. 

Accelerate growth with access to cannabis-friendly and customized financing. 

With various lending options and amounts, Abaca helps unique businesses finance unique needs. Get fair loans for real estate, equipment, inventory and more.

See if You Qualify

Loan Types

Conventional Loans

Bigger businesses need larger and more sophisticated financing options. Leverage existing assets to more rapidly scale your business.

  • $250K-$5M available loan size
  • Typically funds in 4-8 weeks
  • Competitive rates available, dependent on collateral and guaranty structure
  • New and existing operators in legal cannabis states
  • Operations with hard assets (real estate, equipment, etc.) for collateral
  • At least three months of banking history
  • l or corporate guarantees

Term Loans

You’re making money, so why can’t you get a loan to grow? With Abaca’s Term Loans, operators can skip the long waits and complicated processes and get back to business.

  • $50K-$250K available loan size
  • Installment loan with six-month grace period
  • Qualify in 24-48 hours
  • Funds in two business days on average
  • Operators nationwide
  • Businesses with proven cash flow for six months
  • At least three months of banking history

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Sample Deals

Every business is different so every loan is different. Here are some recent loans:


refinance of an existing 63,000 sq. ft. licensed medical cannabis cultivation facility.



construction loan and permanent financing for a new medical cannabis dispensary.



revolving LOC to fund acquisition of ownership interest in and recapitalization of a licensed medical cannabis cultivation facility.


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