Abaca’s Dan Roda sat down with Greenlight Dispensary’s general manager Holley Stuart on April 10, 2020. Watch their discussion about what it means to be deemed an “essential” employer and what operational changes Greenlight made at its cannabis dispensary as a result of COVID-19. Moderated by Bud Agency’s Elizabeth Michael, they discuss changes at the dispensary and Greenlight’s statewide delivery program with secure, mobile cashless payments with debit fueled by Abaca’s technology.

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During the webinar Dan and Holley walk through an online order. The next day, Dan received his order from Greenlight via delivery. Terrance and Greg from Greenlight called Dan to let him know they were close. They processed the transaction curbside using Abaca’s mobile payment solution with a debit card.

Greenligh Delivery for Abaca's Dan Roda