Launching a new business is hard, especially in the cannabis industry. Add a global pandemic on top of that and business owners may be left feeling like they are climbing an insurmountable hill. But, the cannabis industry is resilient and resourceful. Dan Roda, CEO of Abaca, sits down with Karin Spinks-Chester, CEO of Midwest Canna Expos CEO and vice president of Mo Cann Trade and Christopher M. McHugh, an attorney at Joseph, Hollander & Craft LLC and president of Vertical Enterprise LLC to discuss challenges and opportunities the Missouri cannabis market faces launching during the COVID-19 pandemic. They discuss Missouri cannabis banking, lending, licensing, timing and other hurdles. The panel is moderated by Bud Agency principal Elizabeth Michael.

Key Takeaways:

What is our new normal? Karin brings a unique perspective to the Missouri cannabis market launch. She helped spearhead the legalization in Missouri and now serves as CEO of Midwest Canna Expos CEO and the vice president of Mo Cann Trade, the Missouri cannabis industry trade association. Watch this short excerpt from the webinar and learn how Karin thinks the nascent industry is adapting and growing as a result of the coronavirus.

Cannabis dispensary operators have come up with creative alternatives to in-store purchases. Whether it be mobile, cashless payments on delivery or pick-up, hear from cannabis-friendly payments expert Dan Roda on what dispensaries in other states have implemented to make the buying process safer for cannabis customers in this short excerpt.

Missouri’s cannabis industry is facing delays due to COVID-19; however, that shouldn’t deter patients from getting certified. Karin Spinks-Chester discusses the current patient count in Missouri and benefits like grow-at-home. Watch this short clip to hear the current patient counts and benefits of getting certified as a Missouri cannabis patient.

What sources of capital are available to the cannabis industry? As investors’ financial pictures change during the COVID-19 crisis, Missouri cannabis licensees feel the constriction in their access to capital. Hear from Dan Roda, CEO of Abaca on what sources of cannabis-friendly capital are available to marijuana related businesses.

As the Missouri industry gets off the ground and running, operators are faced with new circumstances as a result of shifting financial sand from the coronavirus pandemic. A vertically integrated licensee in Missouri, attorney Chris McHugh discusses creative capital options, like cannabis-friendly lending, to help fund building resource-intensive cannabis operations.

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