Ancillary Cannabis Banking

Robust Ancillary Banking + Payments Solutions

There is enough to do for your cannabis-related business without all the financial runarounds – cash transactions, lending hurdles, and banks that avoid you. 

Financial services should be as easy for ancillary businesses as they are for any other industry. But providers that don’t understand cannabis and regulations make doing your job harder. 

Abaca’s efficient banking, payments, and merchant services are purpose-built for ancillary cannabis companies. And by enabling cutting-edge technology that streamlines compliance and control, companies can boost efficiency while keeping costs low. 

Focus on growing your business with simple and reliable banking and financial services from the 21st century.

  • Access to FDIC-insured bank accounts

  • Get paid and pay vendors reliably and electronically

  • Speed up electronic B2B and retail transactions with merchant services

  • Stay organized and in control with simple, yet powerful, online dashboards

  • Streamline processes with alerts and workflows

  • Spend less on financial compliance

Compliant Banking

Store your funds securely in FDIC-insured accounts in your business name

Payment Exhange

Get paid and pay your bills like any other business – quickly and electronically


Streamline billing and reduce cash by accepting credit and debit card transactions


Secure Your Cash in Cannabis-friendly, FDIC-insured Accounts

Cannabis businesses already operate in a competitive and constantly changing environment. 

Spending limited resources on managing clunky and antiquated banking takes away from doing what you do best. 

Abaca ties traditional and reliable banking with the benefits of technology so you can go back to taking your bank account for granted. 

  • Secure banking with access to FDIC-insured accounts

  • Send and receive payments like any other business

  • Easy and intuitive interface makes monitoring simple

  • Mobile and web-based platforms for control

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How it Works – Abaca Compliant Banking

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Tell us about your unique business needs by filling out our form. We’ll send you options and pricing.

Due Diligence

Work with your dedicated Abaca representative to collect and submit all the necessary compliance information.


We’ll help set up integrations and onboard your team with minimal interruptions.

Hit Go

Make your first deposit and sit back and enjoy secure, reliable banking.

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Easier Payments

Getting paid isn’t always easy in cannabis and the last thing your business needs is another hurdle. 

Dealing with envelopes of cash and clunky payment apps takes focus away from your day-to-day operations. 

Automate billing and integrate payments for a seamless electronic payments system and take back your business.

  • Recurring credit card and ACH billing so you can set it and forget it

  • Settle AR & AP in a few clicks with tech-enabled automation.

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Abaca Merchant Services

Enable frictionless billing for your clients by accepting credit cards for one-time or recurring payments. 

But while your business is compliant, traditional payment processors lack cannabis regulatory expertise, resulting in the hassle of shut-down or locked-up accounts. 

Abaca’s purpose-built, cannabis-specific merchant services bring cannabis into the 21st century so you can give your customers what they want.

  • Purpose-built for cannabis ancillary – don’t worry about shut-downs or lock-ups

  • Quick and reliable credit card processing capabilities

  • Works for both in-store and ecommerce transactions

  • Cashless and contactless for a new reality

  • Available nationwide

How it Works – Abaca Merchant Services

Get Started

Give us some insight into your unique business. Then we’ll send you general or custom numbers, depending on what you’re ready for.

Set it Up

Work with your dedicated representative to collect and submit compliance documents for approval.


Connect your new account to your payments gateway on your own or with free support from our team

Hit Go

Start accepting credit card payments

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