Today is the day! Your promotions were a hit and your cannabis business kicked it into high gear to meet the demand. Now you can start to relax and enjoy everything you bought to properly celebrate 420. To truly ensure a great time, you need a solid playlist. We’ve got you covered! Here at Abaca, we’re not just cannabis banking pros. Our team is also full of people who know how to set the right vibe.

To say the Abaca team was enthusiastic about this idea is an understatement. We racked up over 50 suggestions in about 15 minutes. So, without further ado, here are our recommendations for the perfect 420 playlist broken up by genre.


“Because I Got High by Afroman…can’t not have it, right?” – Taylor, Onboarding Specialist

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“One Draw by Rita Marley. She’s Bob Marley’s wife and a prolific singer in her own right.” – Sean, VP of Technology


“Marijuana by Kid Cudi. It’s exactly 4:20 long, perfect for a 420 playlist.” – Brandon, Senior Compliance Officer



All signs indicate that sales from 420 will be the biggest yet. Retailers estimate that sales increase by 30%-50% in the days leading up to April 20. Every year the trends change somewhat, so we’re looking forward to learning from the takeaways of this year – especially as they pertain to cannabis banking and payments since that’s what we do best. We hope you had a wildly successful Black Friday of cannabis and enjoyed our 420 playlist!

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