AbacaPay is a solution designed to work with your customer’s ATM or debit card to enable retail payment processing in your dispensary or other cash-intensive business. Not only is AbacaPay cost-neutral to your retail transactions, but it actually helps reduce cash volume and the expenses associated with handling and managing cash. In fact, according to our most recent customer case study, Abaca customers who use AbacaPay save 20% in banking fees on average.

AbacaPay works with most ATM and debit card networks. Implementation is no more complicated than adding a terminal to your counter and connecting it to WiFi or Ethernet.  There’s even a cellular enabled model, enabling you to accept payments on the go – perfect for delivery. No other hardware integration is required.  With AbacaPay, your customer simply swipes their card, enters their PIN, and funds are debited from their account.


  • Supports In-store, Pickup or Curbside and Delivery

  • Pay at Point of Sale

  • Funds Settle Directly to Your Business Bank Account

  • No Processing Fees to Dispensaries 

  • Reduce Cash Volume, Fees and Risk

  • Wifi & Cellular Enabled Options

  • PIN-based Card Transactions

Take the cash out of your cannabis or hemp/CBD business with our compliant payment processing solutions. We provide pin-debit payment processing solutions to cannabis dispensaries, and major card brand acceptance to online and brick-and-mortar CBD merchants.  That means your customers can pay with the piece of plastic that’s already in their wallet, and you aren’t burdened with bundles of cash. Existing Abaca customers usually require no additional due diligence. Apply now!