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New York Cannabis Banking and Payments Solutions

Abaca enables New York cannabis businesses to grow and scale through its tech-forward and affordable business checking accounts, online access and mobile banking, ACH and wire transfers, electronic bill pay, pin-debit merchant processing and lending.

Strengthen your company’s market position and agility with Abaca.

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Let’s get started taking your business to the next level.

Comprehensive cannabis financial services in New York.

Whether you are an adult-use cannabis or medical marijuana dispensary, cultivator, processor, delivery service, distributor, ancillary or hemp, with Abaca:
  • Access fully compliant, FDIC-insured banking

  • Pay vendors and get paid electronically – throughout New York and the U.S.

  • Increase average ticket size with AbacaPay, enabling pin-debit card payment processing

  • Manage your cash safely and efficiently

  • Manage your cash safely and efficiently

  • Save time on compliance reporting

  • Be supported by an attentive and responsive team

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In 2017, four cannabis, banking, compliance and tech industry veterans got together to solve one of the cannabis industry’s biggest problems – financial services. If you’re a cannabis or hemp business seeking 420-friendly banking, you have probably worried too much and worked too hard on something that most industries take for granted. Having a bank account, processing payments, getting a loan, paying employees and vendors, and managing your cash do not have to take up so much of your time and resources. Enable your business to grow and get started with Abaca.

It’s quick, easy and secure.

No branch required, available across the entire state of New York.


How Does Abaca Deliver New York Cannabis Banking?

Abaca works just like getting a normal bank account for your business. In order to meet banking regulatory guidance, accounts are subject to enhanced due diligence to address the heightened compliance standards placed on the industry. Our integrations make this process easy and our commitment to meeting compliance obligations means this is the last financial relationship you should ever need.

We’ve partnered with the leading digital bank Radius to deliver you a simple and secure banking solution.

You get a cannabis small business or commercial FDIC-insured bank account in your company’s name! And, you enjoy all the privileges you’d expect – online banking, checkwriting, and standard $250K FDIC insurance of your deposits.


Abaca Delivers New York Cannabis Payments, Too

Abaca isn’t just cannabis bank accounts; it’s the comprehensive cannabis financial platform. Our e-banking technology provides tools for electronic management of finances, payroll, bill payments, and a host of other financial services. Further, the Abaca digital solution affords your customers – whether businesses or consumers – simple, instantaneous card payment processing that simplify and speed cash flows to your business. When you’re ready for streamlined, secure and stable cannabis financial services, you’re ready for Abaca. Start the conversation now!

Learn all you need to know about cannabis banking, compiled by our team of experienced experts. Request Abaca’s “Cannabis Banking FAQs”. We answer questions such as: 
  • Will I have a “bricks-and-mortar” cannabis bank?
  • How can Abaca provide cannabis bank accounts when my regular bank cannot?
  • How do I deposit cash in my cannabis bank account?
  • How can I rest assured my cannabis bank account won’t be shut down?

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