Have you heard about Abaca’s Social Equity Grant Program? You could qualify!

Under Abaca’s Social Equity Grant Program, qualifying social equity applicants who are awarded cannabis business licenses under certain eligible state programs can qualify for a waiver of their first two years’ of account fees (up to a $12,000 value) for their banking services.

For far too long, the cannabis industry has struggled with diversity, but many within the industry are working hard to turn the corner. State social equity programs, while not perfect, improve minority ownership and participation in the industry.  Abaca wants to help these businesses succeed, which is why we are proud to launch our Social Equity Grant Program this summer in Illinois.

“Abaca is happy to be in a position to make a meaningful contribution to the success of social equity applicants,” said Dan Roda, CEO of Abaca. “The Social Equity Grant Program means these entrepreneurs can redirect that startup capital towards ensuring the success of their ventures while still gaining access to the financial services they need.”

Get in touch with Abaca to learn more and see if your Illinois cannabis business qualifies!